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Welcome to Darity Business Academy

At Darity Business Academy, our focus is on building lasting legacies for BIPOC entrepreneurs. We are committed to enhancing educational, cultural, and social experiences in our local community. Our projects are designed to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and create a better future for themselves and their communities. 

Services and Programs

Quarterly Workshops 


These workshops are designed to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with resources and information to improve and expand their entrepreneur skills. 


 Talk Your Pitch 


A business pitch competition designed to promote entrepreneurship in diverse communities in South Carolina. Talk Your Pitch aims to provide a platform for aspiring BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color) entrepreneurs to showcase their current business or business idea to compete for a grand prize up to $5,000. Along with in-kind support such as marketing, legal, and accounting services.


Small Business Society Gala


The Small Business Society Gala is a platform for small businesses in the community to come together for a night of recognition, networking, and empowerment. With a focus on small BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Other People of Color) owned businesses to improve their visibly within in the market. A portion of event proceeds goes to the funding prize for the Talk Your Pitch business pitch competition.  


Tools and resources to educate on entrepreneurial best practices.

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